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Affordable Representation In North Carolina

Every client will ask, “How much will this cost?”

Every lawyer will respond, “It depends.”

This unsatisfactory response, however, need not be the end of the conversation. In your initial FREE CONSULTATION we can discuss the complexity of your appeal. In some cases, usually simple criminal matters, a flat fee may be possible. Whether you pay a flat rate or by traditional hourly billing, the rates are strongly competitive because of carefully controlled overhead costs. You are encouraged to compare rates with other attorneys who practice appellate law.

Costs are also limited by advising clients when an appeal should be voluntarily dismissed. Mr. Hayes offers a frank assessment of the case’s strengths and weaknesses once the transcript and court file have been thoroughly reviewed, which is approximately the halfway point. Clients may decide at that point to withdraw their appeal if the chance of success is small.

For most cases, an initial retainer of $3,000 is required at the start of the appeal, and another retainer of $2,000 is required after the mid-point assessment. Actual billed fees may or may not exceed these retainers, but a client who is unwilling to entertain the real possibility of $5,000 or more in legal fees for an appeal should strongly consider whether the appeal is worth pursuing.